Non-ferrous metallic powders

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Our Business


A Technical expertise

With over 90 years of expertise, POUDMET is very reactive to answer and to adapt to a constantly changing market, and to fulfill his customers special requirements.
In collaboration with our R&D department we produce powder in accordance with our customers specifications and applications. 



Our products can be packed in: drums, big bag, paper bag, container, etc…

We propose different types of labels: standard, personalized, bar code, etc…



The most common references are available on stock in order to ensure very short lead times.

Our production capacity allows us to face any urgent order, and to react quickly to our customers needs.


An experienced sales force driven by the customer satisfaction

Our sales force is 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Our main objective is to bring the best service and quality in the shortest possible time.

For every need you have, we have the right solution.


A logistic know-how

With over 80% of our production sold abroad we are mastering all the types of freight (sea, road, air) and packing.

Over the years we have developed very close relationships with our forwarders, enabling us to offer the best services and solutions for each situation. 


A Top management involved

Customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the human resources and production technology, security, and environment, are the commitment followed by our top management and the AUREA Group.