Non-ferrous metallic powders

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21 GSS-180/325

Article No: 
POUDMET Copper powder
Copper powder, spherical shape
Inspection Characteristic  Unit Lower Limiting Value Upper Limiting Value Desired Value Indicative Value Méthode
Physical analysis :                   
Sieve analysis ISO 4497 cumulative :                   
>   80 µm  %      5,00      IN.V.1007
<   45 µm  %    20,00      IN.V.1007
Apparent density ISO 3923/1 - 2,5 mm  g/cm3 4,20  5,205,00000     IN.V.1010
Chemical analysis :                   
Copper (Cu)  % 99,00000           IN.V.1024
Phophorus (P)  %      0,40000      IN.V.1137
FDS :Poudre de cuivre            


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